Diploma in Sacred Music

CALL 2020-2022

The Father Félix Varela Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies in conjunction with the German Catholic Institute of Sacred Music and Musical Pedagogy of Regensburg (Hochschule für katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik Regensburg, HfKM Regensburg) convenes the DIPLOMA IN MUSIC SACRA, teaching program managed by the SACRA Chair in Music Sacra of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center of the Archdiocese of Havana.

The academic proposal focuses on the study of the interpretation of the sacred-musical repertoire for organ, conducting and choral singing. Among its objectives is to offer specialized training in sacred music to practical musicians who currently perform the exercise of music within the liturgy of the Catholic Church. However, this study program aims to reach not only church musicians directly related to faith communities, but also students or graduates of the Middle Level of music education in Cuba and / or the University's Faculty of Music. of the Arts, in order to begin to awaken interest in research, interpretation, composition and dissemination of sacred music in our country.

The Diploma in Sacred Music will provide the student with cognitive tools to establish dialogue and research on topics of sacred music based on in-depth knowledge of the liturgy, universal and Cuban sacred-musical history, philosophy, theology, history. of Biblical art and literature. The graduate will be in full capacity to exercise musical practice within the religious profession, as well as to address the interpretation of sacred music in social and community outreach activities, raising concern for the enjoyment and understanding of it.



Diploma in Sacred Music

The DIPLOMA IN SACRA MUSIC will have a duration of 2 years, a period in which the students will also carry out musical practices in a parish belonging to the Archdiocese of Havana.

  • Organ
  • Choral Direction
  • Chorus
  • Singing Coral
  • Bible
  • Liturgy
  • Sacred-musical heritage: history and analysis.
  • Organ: Lic. Moisés Santiesteban (Coordinator of the studies)
  • Choral director: Lic. Alina Orraca
  • Choir: Lic. Alina Orraca
  • Choral singing: Lic. Joanne de la Torre
  • Bible: Deacon Lic. Juan Ríos
  • Liturgy: Deacon Lic. Juan Ríos
  • Sacred-musical heritage: history and analysis: Dra. Claudia Fallarero

This cloister is enlarged every year with the stay of teachers from other centers such as: Prof. Stefan Baier, Prof. Kunibert Schäfer and Msc. Claudia Gerauer (HfKM Regensburg); Dr. María Antonia Virgili (University of Valladolid, Spain); Dr. Miriam Escudero (Esteban Salas Musical Heritage Office).

  1. Be a student or graduate of the Medium-Professional Level of Music from one of the schools that make up the National System of Artistic Education, or from the Faculty of Music of the University of the Arts ISA.
  2. Be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Pass the aptitude tests for piano, singing and choral conducting.
  4. Approve the interview conducted by Father Yosvany Carvajal, rector of the Father Félix Varela Institute for Ecclesiastical Studies.
  1. Piano: interpretation of a polyphonic work by Johann Sebastian Bach, 1st movement (Allegro) of a sonata or sonatina, a work of free choice and sight reading.
  2. Song: a work of free choice and sight reading.
  3. Choral conducting: work in situ of a work from the sacred-musical repertoire.