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Havana International Organ Cycle

Another space somewhat derived from the Sacred Music Week is the International Organ Cycle of Havana. With a biannual character and in alternation with MUSICANOVA, this series of concerts aims to contribute to the discovery of the sound of the organs active in the diocese of Havana, as well as to the socialization of suitable repertoires for them, according to their organological characteristics.
Most of the organs in Havana have been recovered as a result of the alliances established between the capital's bishopric and cultural institutions inside and outside the island. Therefore, the Cycle constitutes the answer to various needs: that of keeping the instruments in optimal working order through constant practice of interpretation; that of making known the expertise of the new organists trained in the teaching programs of the Cathedra of Sacred Music; and to satisfy the demand of new audiences interested in the sound of the organ and its secrets.


Since 2015, a considerable instrumentarium composed of various organs and other keyboard instruments guarded and managed by the Cathedra of Sacred Music has been incorporating into the Diocese of Havana for the enrichment of the religious and cultural spaces of the headquarters. With these favorable conditions, the Chair organizes since 2019 the first edition of the International Organ Week in Havana (December 1 to 8). Similar to the Sacred Music Week, the Organ Week is a short-term event with an intense and condensed program that proposes the listening of dissimilar sacred-musical repertoires of various styles and periods, as well as various organ interpreters active today in the international scene.

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