Musicanova Edition 2019

As a result of the systematic work of the Cathedra of Sacred Music of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center, MUSICANOVA arrives at its first edition from April 9 to 14, an annual event that aims to focus its interest on contemporary sacred musical composition inside and outside the Island. The musical creation workshops that took place as part of the academic offering of the Havana Sacred Music Week in its six editions, have sparked a compositional practice of new works that link current technical criteria together with the textual and spiritual expression of the Christian faith .

In this way, the accumulation of the visions of some young composers and others of greater trajectory on the religious musical creation for the Christian cult that emerged in recent times, constitute the reason for being of MUSICANOVA. Sacred works adjusted to the requirements of the liturgy and pieces with a religious perspective of
concert will be heard in two concerts entitled Experiments I and II, with the participation of a group of local professional musicians from choral and instrumental groups and soloists of recognized prestige. The pieces shown will also be the result of the musical creation workshop that the German composer Steven Heelein will give these days, a teacher at HfKM (Institute of Sacred Music and Musical Pedagogy of Regensburg, Germany), as well as the theoretical reflection sessions on functionality of sacred music and its link with the dogma that sustains it offered by the musicologist Claudia Fallarero, professor at the Cathedra of Sacred Music. MUSICANOVA has the institutional collaboration of HfKM, as well as the Casa de las Américas; the Esteban Salas Cabinet of Musical Heritage and the Opus Habana Magazine of the Office of the Historian; the National Center for Concert Music of the Cuban Institute of Music; the University of the Arts of Cuba, Higher Institute of Art; the National Center of Art Schools, and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cuba.

In this first edition, the concerts of MUSICANOVA follow the achievement of the Casa de las Américas 2019 Composition Prize (April 8-12), so that the field of contemporary composition will have days of splendor within the concert scene in the present month of April on the Island, based on thinking and listening to various perspectives on the creation of music in our times.

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