Musicanova Edition 2021

After Holy Week, the Cathedra of Sacred Music usually sets out to experience and promote new events that involve music and faith. Almost as an extension of the Sacred Music Week —which this year we have celebrated in digital version from March 7 to 14—, the MusicaNova event opens the zoom a little more, and stops at current and experimental creations of religious music, which Composers from Cuba and from outside the island are proposing today. All of them, authors who draw on the wisdom of the old musicians who master chapels of Collegiate Churches, Convents, Monasteries, Cathedrals and Churches, whose accumulated practice conditioned styles and tastes, at the same time that they bequeathed to successive creators rigor and vocation of service to the liturgy.

In Cuba, we speak of a compositional tradition for Catholic worship that dates back to the 18th century, according to its first documentary evidence. In Europe, it is a much older and widespread exercise, schools quickly assumed in America in times of colonization. After the undeniable transatlantic crossing of musics, composers and performers with mobilities on both sides of the ocean, today it is undeniable that the sacred musical histories of Europe and America are fused in a single tradition, with multiple facets.

That is why this week from April 12 to 16, MusicaNova will be presenting from Facebook, Instagram and Estudio 9 on National Musical Radio, sounds of contemporary and active Cuban and European composers, who dedicate an important part of their catalog to sacred creation. Serve this space to listen to the faith placed in music under other aesthetic codes and updated looks, more typical of our time.

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