Cathedra of sacred music in cuba


The very dynamics of the Sacred Music Week highlighted other realities and needs. One of them was the existence of an extensive contemporary sacred musical repertoire of local and foreign authors, works generated even under new perspectives, pieces with a different language compared to those that emerged from the post-conciliar changes of the mid-twentieth century.

Thus, in 2019, the Cathedra of Sacred Music organized and held for the first time a new day dedicated exclusively to this "new" sacred music. Some of the works of authors in training were produced in the heat of the same composition workshops promoted in the SMS programming. However, MUSICANOVA is already a unique biannual event inside and outside the archdiocese, which makes visible and builds from the present the history of contemporary composers and audiences singing their faith.



The MusicaNova event opens the zoom a little more, and stops at the current and experimental creations of religious music, proposed today by composers from Cuba and from outside the Island.


The space designed by the Cathedra of Sacred Music to disseminate in our time those new views of sacred music and its authors.

Musicanova Gallery