SMS Havana 2022

At the gates of completing a decade of celebrations of the Sacred Music Week of Havana (SMS Habana), the Sacred Music Chair celebrated the ninth edition of its traditional musical day. It was, as on other occasions, an action supported by the Bishopric of Regensburg, SER Mons. Rudolf Voderholzer and the experienced teachers of the HfKM Regensburg under the direction of Professor Stefan Baier. The proposal is also ascribed to the academic offer of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center under the direction of Fr. Yosvany Carvajal Sureda, with the support of the Archbishopric of Havana and HE Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García.

Throughout its history, the Weeks have had the collaboration of the cultural sections of the embassies of Germany, Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic; of local bodies such as the Esteban Salas Musical Heritage Cabinet of the Office of the City Historian and the National Center for Concert Music, of the Cuban Institute of Music. Likewise, with the University of Valladolid, in Spain, and with other allied entities, without which the development of eight successful events with sacred music in Havana, since 2014, would have been impossible.

This time, almost at the end of our first decade of work, the Sacred Music Week once again took place in the virtual and radio space; a presentation of important performers, who, from choral, orchestral and solo sounds, spoke the universal language of singing the faith. This was the case of the Escolanía de San Cristóbal de La Habana, the Luna Vocal Ensemble, the Leo Vocal Choir, the Schola Cantorum Coralina, the Ensemble Cantabile, the Lyceum Orchestra and the organists Gabriela Mulén, Stefan Baier, Markus Rupprecht and Moisés Santiesteban. , as well as the Gregorian Schola of the HfKM Regensburg, Mädchenkantorei and the German soprano Katja Stuber. Every afternoon we listen to the theoretical reflection of a seasoned specialist in the study of religious music through the waves of Estudio 9, a program of the CMBF Radio Musical Nacional station, to whom we thank again for the opportunity.

The ninth Week of Sacred Music is part of, like other occasions, the celebrations that the Catholic Church has during the Lenten season. The vital dynamics of recent years have invited us to personal and social review. Music, and especially sacred music, has accompanied our spaces of silence.

SMS havana 2022