SMW Havana 2021 Online

As the prophet announced, for a year we have been called to stop our rhythm and
review our paths, to rethink our practices and our entire existence. It is possibly the year in which less music has sounded inside the temples. In many places the church has
due to return to community and family experiences, celebrating our faith within the
private spaces. Despite such a difficult time for humanity, the Cathedra of Sacred Music and the
Archdiocese of Havana have wanted to celebrate the 8th edition of the Sacred Music Week of Havana in virtual mode and through the radio. On this occasion, it is intended to recall some of the momentous events experienced over seven years and, of course, to propose new knowledge. We once again have the academic support of both the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center and the Regensburg Institute of Sacred Music and Musical Pedagogy (Hochschule für katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik HfKM, Regensburg). Likewise, our event is honored by specialists, composers and interpreters from Cuba, Spain, Poland, Venezuela, the United States, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Italy and Guatemala.
The teachers of Regensburg, led by their rector, the organist Stefan Baier, have been essential collaborators in each of the previous weeks, and they come again through the media to share topics related to sacred music. The knowledge of all international participants, highly valued by the musicians
Cubans, have been the subject of choral and instrumental workshops, transmitting their expertise in the art of
the relationship between music and ritual. On the other hand, Cuban teachers, regularly related to the
Cathedra, they will also generously share some of their wisdom in networks.
The Week is structured around themes that govern the order of each day. After opening,
We will have days dedicated to Gregorian Chant, the Organ, the so-called Ancient Music, the
Sacred Choral Music, that thought for performers and young audiences, and for Liturgical Music,
central expression of the sacred in music. The dynamic consists of the presentation of talks and
suggestions for listening to musical links that will appear on our social networks. In addition,
The interested public can tune in every day at 2 in the afternoon for a theoretical debate on topics
related to the day in the radio space “Estudio 9” of CMBF, National Musical Radio.
The plurality of our participants, the quality of our interpreters, the dynamism of the
publications, everything is designed so that this is a time of use, of incorporating
tools that are useful to us to later face the meritorious task of making music within the
temple, as well as the competent interpretation of religious pieces in future concerts. Them
We invite you to join us for a tour of this Week, a new journey on musical history
and our common cultural roots. Everyone is welcome and thank you very much.

SMW havana 2021